The faith and Trust of our Customers, in India and globally - propels us to stay as the leader in Automatic Finishing line, for Wood, Automotive Plastics, Glass, Leather, Steel pipes, Special projects.
Service which creates and nurtures Trust and faith, from Concept design of a machine line to a successful Commissioning of the plant .

From Training to your operators – to standing by them to keep the machine running, producing high class finished parts. The services offered by us are classified as

  • Pre Sales Support
  • Post Sales Support

At any point of our interaction with our Customer, for any technology support we are well supported by German experts during Pre-Sales and Post Sales Service support back-up.

Besides this, we are also ready to provide support for Sale of Second hand machines & the reconditioning & installation in India.

  • End to End support from Concept to Commissioning of individual machines to a complete machine line.

From Machine installation to Spares support, on site assistance and AMC– we support our Customer for effective and optimum machine uptime.

Our principal motto is to create a dependable Service support to our Customer.

We have a dedicated team at Nitshaw Technologies, Bangalore to provide:

  • Machine installation and commissioning support.
  • Operator Training and guidance during commissioning trials.
  • Entire project co-ordination from Supply to installation of the machine / machine lines.
  • Assistance to modernize / expand existing Venjakob machine line.

Contact for Service:

Nitin Nalawade
CEO, Nitshaw Technologies, Bangalore
Phone: +91 96320 55789

The availability of the machine for production is our
Customer’s foremost priority.

To meet this, we provide:

  • Immediate on-site assistance on site to review the problem.
  • On site solution assessment
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Sales and service support for reliable Spares from Germany
  • If required, on line support from Germany for Technical support.

In our experience over last 50 Yrs., the machine service is only carried out when substantial damage has occurred, especially when the machine has lacked due care or was treated with unsuitable products, or if the work has not been carried out properly

Machine care and maintenance performed on time can lower service costs. Moreover, they help maintain its operational efficiency and prevent extensive service and repair work/costs.

  • Therefore we also offer through Nitshaw Technologies, Annual maintenance contracts
    (AMC) to formalize preventive maintenance visits and ensure highest
    possible machine line uptime.
  • Better Safe & Proactive than Sorry.

Please ask for our respective for a quotation regarding your machine.

Contact for AMC:


Nitin Nalawade
CEO, Nitshaw Technologies, Bangalore
Phone: +91 96320 55789

Fast – Reliable - Extensive

Venjakob develops the individual components of surface and conveyor equipment with maximum precision and distinct functionality.

Each component is optimally adapted to the individual requirements of the customers.
As such, the original spare parts from Venjakob guarantee quality and innovation "Made in Germany".

As a procedure, every machine that leaves our factory has gone a long way through the development and test departments. This is to ensure that all our machines meet maximum standards with regard to function, reliability, performance, operating costs and eco-friendliness. The same high requirements also apply to our spare parts.

The advantage being that each improvement or modification of individual components is also directly implemented in the original spare parts. For its original spare parts, Venjakob guarantees a 10 year availability and issues you a 12 month warranty.

There is no replacement to having Original parts fitted on an Original Machine!

Through Nitshaw Technologies, Bangalore our Customers can order Original Performance Spares and have peaceful and smooth operations through the life of the machine line.

While most the critical spares are in stock at Germany, certain components may require manufacturing – which takes a bit of time. Further, automatic archiving of all order data is key to the swift reproduction of required machine components.

Please contact our Service team for quotations and plan to support your machine line.

  • Again, better be safe & proactive than sorry.

Contact for Spare:

Parts Service

Nitin Nalawade
CEO, Nitshaw
Technologies, Bangalore
Phone: +91 96320 55789

Best know-how transfer

Enhance the productivity of your employees.

All our Customers value the fact that the Employees are the capital of their organisation. They guarantee a smooth operation and maintain the value of the machine line.

Foster your employees and improve their know-how by way of Venjakob machine line training courses especially tailored to your team.

Furthermore, each training measure is a contribution to increased safety during the production process while augmenting the machine efficiency.

We would be pleased to provide individual consultation and to compile for you respective information about training course possibilities.

Simply contact our service team directly.

  • Value your Priced assets and it shall create Value for you!

Contact for Training:


Nitin Nalawade
CEO, Nitshaw Technologies, Bangalore
Phone: +91 96320 55789

  • Venjakob Machines Installed and Commissioned In India
SL. No. Customer Name Machine Model City Application Year
1 Soundarya Decorative VENJAKOB DUO Chennai Furniture parts 1992
2 A&A Modular Furniture Pvt Ltd VENJAKOB DUO Baddi (Himachal) Furniture parts 2000
3 Anagram Interiors VEN SPRAY SMART Noida (UP) Furniture parts 2001
4 Motherson VENJAKOB PALLET LINE Chennai Automotive Plastics- Interiors 2006
5 Elring Klinger VEN SPRAY SMART Pune Automotive Gasket gluing 2007
6 Rhombus Enterprises (Magnum-Delhi) VEN SPRAY SMART Gurgaon (Hariyan) Furniture parts 2011
7 WestWind Concept VEN SPRAY SMART Gurgaon (Hariyan) Furniture parts 2011
8 Aim Filtertec-Pune STERON COATING LINE Pune Fashion and leather coating 2012
9 Vector Project VEN SPRAY SMART Mumbai Furniture parts 2012
10 Spinks VEN SPRAY MINI Chennai Automotive Plastics-Interiors & other parts 2014
11 Godrej Interio PERFECT LINE Shirwal (Pune) Furniture parts 2015
12 Tec Workshope Interiors Pvt Ltd VEN SPRAY SMART-2 Chennai Furniture parts 2015
13 Spinks VEN SPRAY MINI Chennai Automotive Plastics-Interiors & other parts 2015
14 Candour Automotive VEN SPRAY MINI Chennai Automotive Plastics-Interiors 2017
15 Polyplastics Bawal VENJAKOB PALLET LINE Delhi Automotive Plastics-Wheel caps and exteriors 2015
16 Omfurn VEN SPRAY SMART Goregaon (Gujrat) Furniture parts 2017
17 Magppie - Delhi VEN SPRAY SMART Delhi Furniture parts -